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A Mediums Guide to the Paranormal

A Mediums Guide to the Paranormal

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Publication Date: February 10th, 2015
June Lundgren
Good Neighbor Bookstore
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Do angels, ghosts and demons really exist, or are they a figment of our over active imagination? Can ghosts, demons and spirits harm you? If you don't believe in them they can't bother you right? How can you protect yourself against the paranormal? Do we live once and it's all over or do we come back time and again to live new lives? In this book, you will gain information about the paranormal from a psychic-mediums perspective. As a psychic medium I have gathered a lot of information about the other side. The book covers over more than 40 years of paranormal related information interspersed with my own personal paranormal encounters. Anyone who is interested in the paranormal including ghosts, demons, orbs and hauntings will enjoy the many topics covered in this book. Those interested in spiritualism, new age topics and metaphysics will find many of the chapters such as past lives, possession and death and the soul connection. People who are experiencing their own paranormal occurrences such as hauntings and spirit attachments will find help and information to help them. People of all ages, walks of life and many religions will find something of interest in the book. Even those who do not believe in the paranormal will enjoy many of the thought provoking topics covered in this book.