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Hopeless, Maine: Inheritance

Hopeless, Maine: Inheritance

Current price: $19.99
Publication Date: August 10th, 2022
Outland Entertainment


Growing up with magic doesn’t mean you have all of the answers.

On the strange haunted island of Hopeless, Maine, young Salamandra explores the limits of her powers and the strength of her convictions. Both she and her newly discovered friend, Owen Davies, face life-changing events at the Pallid Rock Orphanage and begin to take control of their own lives. Just as magic has limits, so does the ability of adults to shield children from harm and consequences in this often dire place.

This is not a story about growing up.It is a story about thinking you had grown up already—and finding it wasn’t so simple after all.

About the Author

Tom & Nimue Brown share a love of gothic decay, poetry, wild landscapes, and strange creatures. They have been collaborating for years, brought together initially by a publishing house. In the summer of 2009 they launched The Hopeless Vendetta—a weekly newspaper charting life on the fictional island of Hopeless.

Praise for Hopeless, Maine: Inheritance

"Hopeless, Maine is a must-read for fans of horror comics. Full of gorgeously grim atmosphere, this book immerses you in the world of Tom and Nimue Brown's gothic imagination. You won't want to leave." —Christopher Golden, New York Times bestselling author of THE PANDORA ROOM and ARARAT

"It's a curio, some dark gothic dream bottled and painted in shades of night." —Mark Lawrence, author of the Broken Empire Trilogy and The Red Queen's War series

"Tom Brown’s artwork is truly unique . . . a strange mixture of manga, and gothic horror . . . a mixture that I would never imagine working , but it does! Hopeless, Maine is something to behold. Nimue and Tom Brown have created something special here, and I think it’s about time for the world to discover Hopeless, Maine. ” —Thomas Sniegoski NY Times best selling author of The Fallen

"There is beauty between these pages. Haunting imagery incredibly depicted by Tom Brown. Words like genius are bandied about too much in the modern world, but with his brushes Brown takes images directly from a writer's mind and breathes life into them. Who better then to draw out the maudlin grace of Nimue Brown's world than him? Together they have created a well-named island with a nightmare landscape that travellers like me simply have to return to over and over, noticing some fresh wonder on every visit. Hopeless Maine gets under your skin. It is like an addiction. You just have to go back once more, just one more time, sure that you can handle even the most terrifying glimpse of reality it has to offer. Sometimes you are wrong. Sometimes you just can't, but that's okay because the Browns can. They live it so that we might savour it in the safety of our armchair. Hopeless Maine is calling to me once more. I must leave you now..." —Steven Savile

'With so many fantasy lands out there for readers to explore, it takes something rather special to stand out from the pack. With its bold heroine and endlessly intriguing universe, Hopeless Maine is that something.' —Paul Alborough (Professor Elemental)