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Aztra's Mirror

Aztra's Mirror

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Publication Date: May 4th, 2022
Independently Published
Good Neighbor Bookstore
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Twin brothers, Zakan and Javek have been chosen by the god Aztra to save the Chr t race from annihilation. The twin planets Saecula and Trychnos have a galaxy's wealth of gemstones beneath their surface. The Chr t on Trychnos have despoiled their planet by mindless quarrying and their ruthless Leader, Rhondal, plans to invade Saecula to do the same.
But powerful forces in both the living and the dead of the Seven Worlds have sworn to destroy Trychnos and the Chr t race if this happens.
Deep within the bowels of Trychnos lies a magical mirror, made of one perfect diamond by the god Aztra herself. Whoever gazes into Aztra's Mirror-if they survive the Mirror's gazing back into them-will have power beyond their wildest dreams. If they do not survive, they will pay a price beyond imagination.
Zakan and Javek want no more than to live as simple acolytes to the Grand Vizier in their pastoral village. But the god Aztra herself calls them to the challenge of the Mirror. Driven by Aztra's calling, aided by saints, sinners, sorcerers, and the dead of both planets, they set out to find Aztra's Mirror and use its power to save the Chr t.
If they fail both planets and the Chr t race will cease to exist.
But the Mirror has its price. And it will be paid.